Lautan Luas


Lautan Luas will participate in INDONESIA COSMETIC INGREDIENTS 2022 at booth number H31 – 36. The event will be held over 3 days from Tuesday to Thursday, 25 – 27 October. From 09.00 – 17.00 at Hall D – JIEXPO Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta.

At our booth, we will be presenting our expertise in active ingredients, surfactants, natural raw materials, rheology modifiers, and our extensive raw material portfolio that will aid the development of new cosmetics and personal care products.

You can also talk and meet with our expert and our principals to discuss various cosmetics trends, skincare, hair care, and other recent breakthroughs. Alongside that, we also invite you to join our seminar with Corum!

This year, Corum is presenting an innovative cosmetic active, Epi-On for restoring healthy skin and scalp homeostasis. It imparts anti-inflammatory property, normalizes seborrheic secretion, regulates the production of growth factor through Epigenetics pathway and strengthens the skin barrier function. For compromised and laser-ablated skin, it is clinically proven to immediately reduce redness within just 2 hours and speed up the healing process back to health in just 5 days. For flaky scalp, it can further reduce the proliferation of Malassezia spp. and is also clinically proven to treat dandruff and erythema on the human scalp.


Join us to learn more about this skin and scalp care breakthrough.

Corum seminar will be held on

Wednesday, 26th of October 2022 from 2 pm – 3 pm.

At Room 1 Hall D – JIExpo, Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta.

You can pre-register before visiting Indonesia Cosmetic Ingredients here ( free admission)



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