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Lautan Luas and Partners Build in Margamulya Village, Mauk – Tangerang

Lautan Luas and partners recently celebrated the handover ceremony in Margamulya Village. The company members and associates were involved in the ceremonial by helping build houses for the Mauk community. This function included three main activities: Laying the foundation, building walls, and painting.

Lautan Luas Village promotes community growth and development, an initiative taken and presented by Lautan Luas. This program has been running since 2021 to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of PT Lautan Luas Tbk.

“A decent house is one of the important foundations in family development. Therefore, we partner with Habitat Indonesia, which has a track record of developing decent housing for underprivileged communities throughout Indonesia,” said Eurike.

Lautan Luas invites business partners from 37 companies, in which each company donated funds to support the development of Lautan Luas village. Lautan Luas employees also take part in the housing development program in Mauk. The company runs a donation program through running and walking, in which each individual’s distance in kilometers in running and walking is converted into the number of houses. A total of six employees participated in these activities, and partner donations of 17 houses were taken into account. This program effectively constructed 23 houses during the period 2021 – 2022. The target of this program is to aid underprivileged communities in Margamulya Village. Lautan Luas plans to build 70 houses, 7 schools, and 7 water centers within the next 5 years.

The National Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, Susanto, stated that this program is in line with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia’s mission: Building the foundation of life, building decent housing, and supporting the government’s “100-0-100″ program.That is the fulfillment of 100 percent access to decent drinking water, the reduction of slum areas to 0 percent, and the fulfillment of 100 percent access to proper sanitation.”

“As one of the leading chemical companies in Indonesia, we have a long-term commitment to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people through corporate social responsibility. For this reason, we are committed to continuing and expanding the scope of this program,” said Eurike, in Mauk, Tangerang Regency, Sunday (18/9).

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